Jaime Subirats

Jaime Subirats


  • Cell: 281-831-9497
  • Office: 832-389-0496
  • Office Location: 19103 Interstate 45 Spring, TX 77388

About Jaime Subirats

Graduating from Klein High School, Jaime has lived in Northwest Houston his entire life. 


“I remember when Louetta was a two-way street, 249 was a country road, and the coolest thing on i-45 and Cypresswood was the Goodyear Blimp base.”


A second-generation REALTOR, Jaime is following in the footsteps of his parents.  His father, who was a professional tennis player in Mexico, was transferred to Houston from Mexico City by an oil company when Jaime was 4 years old. After the oil crisis of the mid 80’s, the family was faced with a life changing decision, go back to Mexico and leave an American dream behind, or get out of the oil business and start a new career. It was at that time that both of his parents took the risk and became real estate agents.


“My parents were a great team and an inspiration of taking risks and persevering when times were hard.  My mom became an agent barely speaking English.  She embraced the challenge and became a multi-million-dollar producing agent helping the Hispanic community.” 


Jaime’s journey into real estate however, took more of winding road.  After graduating from the University of Houston, Jaime decided he wanted to take a different path and went to work in sales for corporate America over the next two decades.


Frustrated with the ever-changing policies of a large company, Jaime knew there had to be something more.  He had a desire to venture out on his own and take a risk, just like his parents had.  In 2011, he finally took all of his corporate experiences and became part of an exclusive group of entrepreneurs, otherwise known as a State Farm Agent.


“To become a State Farm agent is not easy.  It’s about an 18-month process that requires obtaining licenses to sell auto, home, life, health, securities as well as mortgages.  It’s a grueling process designed to test your endurance and perseverance.  State Farm is very protective of their brand and they don’t let just anyone wear their logo.”  


It was in his time as an agent where he truly learned about people, the risk everyday life brings, and how to protect the biggest investments they make.  Jaime learned to really listen to his customers and to educate them on how insurance and financial services impacts their families and their futures.


“I learned how to empathize and be a friend, a good neighbor.  When you’re standing in the driveway with someone who just had their house burn down, there’s such an overwhelming feeling of what to do.  I was happy to be there, to help them through the process of becoming whole again.”


Over the next 8 years, Jaime led his agency team and continued to gain experience and knowledge over the intricacies of a homeowner’s insurance policy, why so many are different, and how to understand what exactly the consumer is buying.  As a licensed mortgage loan originator, he also became well versed on the financial side of the home buying process.  Understanding that an agent was more than just car insurance, he was able to help his customers navigate the tumultuous mortgage process, refinances, and home equity loans.  He also became an expert in flood insurance and the process it entails as so many lost their homes in the Memorial Day flood, the Tax Day flood, and of course Hurricane Harvey.


“I remember jumping in my “Good Neighbor” Jeep after Harvey and going through the subdivisions looking for people we could help.  There were so many questions about FEMA and what to do and how it all worked.  I received so many calls from both customers and non-customers, I was just happy to help”.


Jaime’s time as a State Farm agent was life changing and helping people became a passion.  Life however, took a turn.  After the passing of his father, Jaime began to help his mother in her real estate business.  The more and more he helped her, the more he started getting a hunch that maybe it was time for a change.  In April of 2019, Jaime decided to leave his agency behind and take a risk yet one more time, to become a full-time REALTOR. 


“I feel I can help my client so much more than the average agent.  I’m licensed by the state to not only help find or sell their dream home, but I can also talk intelligently and provide advice on home insurance, flood insurance, and mortgages.” 


Grateful to be a resident of NW Houston since 1984, Jaime is an enthusiastic member of the community.  Ultimately, his WHY is his family.  Jaime is married to Christie, and together they are raising 5 children from diapers to college.  By the time they graduate, it will complete 2 generations spanning over almost 40 years of graduating classes from Klein High School. 


Jaime understands that with modern technology, clients have access to the same public information agents have in terms of the home buying process.  It’s his ability to help navigate the process with speed, certainty, and convenience that makes him unique.


“I go to work for my clients understanding that this is one of the single biggest transactions they will ever complete in their life.  With the calmness of my approach, I’ve been able to earn people’s trust and in turn, have built lifelong relationships with my clients.”


Jaime is ready to be helpful.  You can reach him or find out more information at 281-831-9497 or jsubirats@styledrealestate.com